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The Purpose of the Steel Stewardship Forum

The Purpose of the Australian Steel Stewardship Forum

The Australian Steel Stewardship Forum (ASSF) is a revitalisation of a forum previously known as the Steel Stewardship Forum (SSF). This body was formed to develop steel stewardship in Australia and for the learning’s from this development to be presented by Australia at the APEC Mining Ministers Forum as a ‘best practice’ model for the region.

The concept of the forum is to bring together all the major sectors of the steel product life cycle - from mining through to steel making , processing, product fabrication, use and re-use and recycling – in the shared responsibility of working together to optimise the steel product life cycle using sustainability principles. The ASSF believe that collectively we can continue to add value to and improve the performance of the steel industry across the whole product life cycle.

The review of the focus of the ASSF in 2016 has confirmed the direction for the future to:

Develop, improve and advocate the economic, environmental and social credentials of the Australian steel value chain.

This change in focus results from the decision to decouple the supply chain certification project and establish a not-for-profit to manage and run the scheme. This allows the ASSF to focus on the Australian value chain.

Read about how the SSF began (PDF) (362 Kb).

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  • Australian Federal Government
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  • Sustainability Victoria
  • World Steel Association
  • UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures

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