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The Australian Steel industry is committed to reducing waste through the reuse and recycling of by-products. For every tonne of crude steel approximately 360kg of by-products are produced.

Slag comprises one of the most significant by- products by volume: During the production of steel, molten slag is produced as a co-product. Slag in its various forms (Blast Furnace Slag, Steel Furnace Slag and Electric Arc Furnace Slag) is separated prior to further processing various value added products.

Three kinds of processes

Slags have unique physical and chemical properties that make them well suited for use in various high and medium value add applications, for example, in cement and concrete manufacture and as aggregates for civil and structural applications. Iron and steel slag is a valuable recovered resource in the steel value chain.

Annually, the recovery and use of iron and steel slag contributes towards reduced carbon emissions of almost 1.0 million tonnes, through the displacement of finite natural or virgin raw materials.

Many by-products are used in building and infrastructure applications but some go into less obvious end uses such as rubber and styrene production.

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