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Steel is one of the world's most recycled products by volume. Steel being magnetic, is easily recovered from waste streams for reuse or recycling. This coupled with its economic value, enables the high recovery rates worldwide. The recovery rate of steel for recycling in Australia is approximately 90%. With structural steel recycling rates estimated at 95% this is classified around the best in the world.

End of life flows

Recycling imageSteel is theoretically 100% recyclable: If recovered at the end of each use phase, the life cycle of steel is potentially endless.

Along with the economic benefits of incorporating recycling into the steel making process, there is a range of environmental benefits that are also derived from recycling the product including preserving the earths resources.

Recycled steel scrap is used as a feedstock in both the Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) and Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steelmaking operations.

Steel Chain Footprint

Steel furnace

Australia’s Steel Value Chain Footprint has now been mapped With data contributions coming…

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