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Welding Technology Institute of Australia

Ozweld logoThe Welding Technology Institute of Australia (WTIA) is the recognised national Australian body representing the overall interests of the Australian “welding” industry, with its primary goal to: “lead and assist in making Australian Industry locally and globally competitive in welding-related activities”. The Goal and Strategies within its Business Plan cover the ‘Total Life Cycle of Welded Products/Structures’.

The WTIA is a membership based, cooperative, not-for-profit, national organisation representing the Australian welding industry. Formed in 1989 through an amalgamation of the Australian Welding Institute (AWI) (founded 1929) and the Australian Welding Research Association (AWRA) (founded 1964), its key roles have been, and still are, predominantly in technology transfer, certification of personnel, education and training, provision of technical services and facilitating research and development.

The WTIA, through its expert staff based around the country, excellent network of volunteers throughout Australian industry and the wide cross-section of its membership from MD to welder, provides services to industry in a wide range of sectors, Governments and its members. It is the body representing Australia on the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and it has a number of MOUs with kindred local and overseas bodies. WTIA is actively involved in numerous initiatives to assist in improving the competitiveness of Australian Industry.

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