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  • Greening Australia joins the SSF

    25 Feb 2013

    Ross Davies welcomed Greening Australia as they officially join the SSF. The SSF is currently looking at options for a pilot program with Greening Australia to help establish the potential for joint projects in the future. Read more

  • Australian Steel Value Chain brochure now available

    7 Nov 2012

    The Steel Stewardship Forum has published a Summary Overview of Australia's steel value chain footprint and this is now available on the Steel Chain Footprint page. Read more

  • Australia’s Steel Value Chain Footprint has now been mapped

    16 Aug 2012

    The Australian Steel Chain Footprint Project was undertaken by members of the Steel Stewardship Forum with the support of the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research & Tertiary Education, the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage through the Sustainability Advantage… Read more

  • SSF becomes ISEAL Alliance affiliate

    1 Jun 2012

    The SSF has been accepted as an affiliate member of the internationally recognised social and environmental standards organisation the ISEAL Alliance , based in London. The membership gives the SSF access to ISEAL's wealth of information and guidance in setting and measuring social and… Read more

  • Prominent environmental group supports SSF

    8 May 2012

    Greening Australia have issued a letter of support for the Steel Stewardship Forum and attended a recent members' meeting. Chris Andrew of Greening Australia gave a presentation on the potential links that could be established between the SSF and Greening Australia. The involvement of Greening… Read more

  • Industrial ecology - Reuse of 1 million tonnes of blast furnace by-products

    5 Apr 2012

    Industrial ecology - Reuse of 1 million tonnes of blast furnace by-products

    The extension of the Port Kembla Outer Harbour and the use of Blast Furnace Slag for the reclamation utilises not only current but also past waste product, reducing a 'mountain' for the first time in 20 years. Blast Furnace Slag for Port Kembla Outer Harbour Expansion Australian Steel Mill… Read more

  • New rating scheme supports stewardship development

    27 Mar 2012

    Stewardship features in the Materials category of the new 'IS' Infrastructure Sustainability Rating Framework launched by the Australian Green Infrastructure Council (AGIC). Under the recently launched tool, 'Using Resources Theme', credits are available for suppliers who are members of a… Read more

  • Second key workshop completed for Responsible Steel

    14 Feb 2012

    On the 2nd of February the second key workshop in the development of the Responsible Steel project was held at BlueScope Steel's head office in Melbourne. This workshop reviewed the second round of stakeholder interview feedback and commenced the process of developing the business model, the key… Read more

  • The Steel Stewardship Forum launches its official website

    28 Nov 2011

    There is now an official site to learn about the activities of the Forum and for the Forum to post updates on the progress of the two core projects and other related activities and articles. Feedback is welcome so we can improve our site. Read the Media Release (PDF) (63 Kb) Read more

  • Phil Ridgeway presents to the annual GAA conference

    24 Oct 2011

    Phil Ridgeway, Vice President of the Steel Stewardship Forum, presented an overview of the activities and progress of the Forum to the annual conference of the Galvanizers Association gathered in Port Stephens. Read more

Showing results 11 - 20 of 23 total results

Steel Chain Footprint

Steel furnace

Australia’s Steel Value Chain Footprint has now been mapped With data contributions coming…

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