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Australia’s Steel Value Chain Footprint has now been mapped

Posted: 16 Aug 2012

The Australian Steel Chain Footprint Project was undertaken by members of the Steel Stewardship Forum with the support of the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research & Tertiary Education, the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage through the Sustainability Advantage program, and Sustainability Victoria. Based on data* contributed by members whose activities range from mining at the beginning of the chain, through steel manufacturing and fabrication, to steel recyclers at the end, and including additional publically available data, the Footprint for the first time gives a high level input-output map of the major commodity flows and emission intensities of the steel value chain in Australia. Although not a detailed Life Cycle Inventory, with some data limitations as noted in the report, it does provide an excellent overview of the steel value chain in Australia, and will serve to highlight areas for improvement in it.

*2007 – 2008 data was selected as the reference year, based on data availability at the commencement of the project , and avoidance of years in which distortions in the industry data caused by the Global Financial Crisis were at a peak (being 2008-09 and 2009-10).

Steel Chain Footprint

Steel furnace

Australia’s Steel Value Chain Footprint has now been mapped With data contributions coming…

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