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Responsible Steel

Responsible Steel

Responsiblesteel project moves to separate entity

 Background - Increasingly governments, businesses and society at large are focusing attention on the origins of the materials and products they specify and use and are seeking assurances that sustainability principles and responsible sourcing have been involved in the supply chain.

The Australian Steel Stewardship Forum (ASSF), developed a draft sustainability certification scheme called Responsiblesteel which was designed to provide certification of compliance with nominated sustainability criteria for all sectors of the steel supply chain, and covers the full life cycle of steel.

The ASSF completed the first two steps towards this goal with the development of a pre-feasibility business case and the completion of a detailed design based on an Australian scope.

The Forum decided to progress to the next stage of the project, as a global scheme, via a standalone not-for-profit entity. This entity the Steel Stewardship Council Ltd (SSC) has now taken over the Responsible Steel project.

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