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Socio-economic initiatives

In conjunction with SSF member Greening Australia, Michael Mobbs and Tankworks, the SSF is funding the construction of an ecoPOP as a test case for further small and medium steel value chain business involvement in locally based social improvement.

What is an ecoPOP

An ecoPOP is a small free-standing and self-sustained green urban oasis that catches and stores its own water from rainfall, powers itself with the energy of the sun, generate its own nutrients, grows your own food, recycles materials, refreshes cities, improves the air quality, builds better communities and anyone can install it.

Why an ecoPOP

A large proportion of the ecoPOP is manufactured from materials supplied by the steel value chain – tank, reinforcing, angles and channel sections, pipe and slag based compost material for the planting.

More information (PDF) (969 Kb)

ecoPop image

Waverley Council’s new ecoPOP (pictured above) is a good example of the steel supply chain providing a contribution to both social and environmental improvement. Steel based materials include BlueScope Aquaplate® steel for the tanks together with OneSteel welded reinforcing mesh, angles, channel sections and support pipe for the solar panel.

Steel Chain Footprint

Steel furnace

Australia’s Steel Value Chain Footprint has now been mapped With data contributions coming…

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