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Responsible Steel Update

This page supplies the latest information on various stages of the Responsible Steel project including process and procedures being followed in line with the ISEAL Alliance codes of practice.

Phase 1 – Pre-feasibility Business Plan

This phase was completed between June 2011 and May 2012 and delivered a number of options to the SSF.

It was decided at the SSF AGM in August 2012 to proceed with a pilot project based on mining and steelmaking and the first part of this pilot is to be a detailed design of the scheme including further market research across the user and specifer communities.

Phase 2 – Detailed Design – Completed March 2014

Phase 3 - Implementation commencing 2015

  • Global model to be developed
  • Responsiblesteel to be constituted as a not-for-profit entity
  • International parties invited to join the Responsiblesteel development

The Steel Stewardship Forum encourages any interested party to comment on or contact us in relation to the Responsible Steel project via our contact page on this website.

Steel Chain Footprint

Steel furnace

Australia’s Steel Value Chain Footprint has now been mapped With data contributions coming…

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Responsible Steel Update

This page supplies the latest information on various…

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